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Business by Referral Podcast

Apr 2, 2018

A Life Flipped Upside Down and Right Side Up


In this episode, Virginia and Michael Levitt discuss:

  • Michael's life-changing moment
  • Feeling at peace
  • Moving past devastating loss
  • The art of delegation

Key Takeaways:

  • Be a student of life
  • Get in tune and narrow focus on what you should be focusing on while letting go of what you shouldn't
  • What are you doing to invite interruptions into your day?
  • The more simplistic the instructions are for your employees, the more successful they will be and the more they'll grow


"I knew at that point I've never felt more at peace… because there was nothing else I could lose." - Michael Levitt


About Michael Levitt: As the thought leader on boundaries, Michael shows leaders and teams how to (Re)Learn boundaries in their work and personal lives – so that they can get their time back! They learn how to accomplish more, by doing less, which will save their career and possibly their lives.


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Show notes by show producer: Anna Nygren


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