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Business by Referral Podcast

Dec 3, 2018

About Jeff Morris

Jeff Morris is the founder and CEO of Helicx. Helicx helps organizations create new customers and turn existing customers into raving fans by elevating the needs of the customer to design the processes needed to drive sales leads and employee engagement.

Today’s multi-channel, multi-cultural world has changed the way customers buy. Jeff has 30 years of experience in marketing and mapping the customer experience. He is a serial entrepreneur, founding his first company in 2002. He is also a corporate speaker, widely respected for his skills understanding the psychology behind why your customers buy and how your employees can help you “sell.” 

He is currently working on a book: Give Love, Get Love: A highly effective sales process for the rest of us.


In this episode Virginia and Jeff discuss:

  • The power of VALUES BASED MARKETING for growing a business where people love to work and customers love to buy.
  • The single most important strategy you MUST implement for your brand to stand out from the crowd
  • The dangers of ignoring what your customers REALLY need
  • How to get YOUR message heard above the din of the industry leaders
  • How shift from transactional to connected relationships with your consumer
  • How to out market your category kings!
  • How to use LinkedIn to begin building meaningful relationships inside the companies you most want as clients!


Key Takeaways:

  • Selling on price will create a crisis in your business
  • You must leverage human desire to join in community to elevate your brand
  • Trust à Belonging à Purpose
  • The internet has dramatically changed consumer behaviors, so we need to change our approach
  • No one wants to be sold, everyone is looking to buy
  • Show your tribe you are just as vested in their success as they are
  • Relentless prospecting is essential to business success


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