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Business by Referral Podcast

Jan 14, 2019

About Rob Teschner

Rob has over 20 years of hands-on leadership experience in HighReliability Organizations and brings all of that experience with him wherever he speaks, teaches or coaches. Rob has a special way of connecting with his audiences, blending high-impact stories of fighter aviation and personal humility to achieve the intended outcome.In addition, his story of his personal fight with cancer serves as the launch pad for talks about humility, growth, motivation and constant improvement. He served as Commander of the 7th Fighter Squadron, responsible for transitioning a start-up F-22 “Raptor” squadron to operationally ready. He successfully deployed his new squadron to the Far East for four months, meeting all objectives. He was hand-selected to serve as an F-15C “Eagle” Instructor Pilot at the USAF Weapons School, the Air Force “TOP GUN” school. He flew more than 130 combat hours over Iraq in the F-15C in support of Operations NORTHERN and SOUTHERN WATCH. He also served as a senior staff officer at Headquarters U.S. European Command, where he was a key architect of a major and still ongoing multi-billion dollar overseas security initiative requested by the President of the United States.

 In this episode Virginia and Rob discuss:

  • Importance of ritual in team building
  • Essential elements of creating high-performance teams
  • How to have a high accountability day
  • What to do when your organization (your referral team) has lost its way
  • Difference between TEAM-work and TASK-work, and why the former is essential to the success of your team
  • The value of building TEAMS of teams

Key Takeaways:

  • People WANT to be led
  • The most value you get from a mission is in the DEBRIEF
  • Success depends on following a PROVEN PROCESS
  • Teams WANT to do well when they know WHY they are a team
  • All teams have the same potential distractions and challenges

 How to reach Rob: