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Business by Referral Podcast

Mar 16, 2022

Melinda Cohan:

Melinda Cohan is author of The Confident Coach and CEO of The Coaches Console, a software, training, and coaching company that has helped thousands of coaches create profitable and sustainable businesses. Her software leverages the systems she created in her own coaching business -- for branding, list-building, marketing, scheduling, enrolling clients, creating amazing client experiences, managing group programs and online courses and integrates it all into one cohesive platform.  It removes the complexities of your business so you can feel confident and do the work you love doing with your clients.  While the systems organize you, she and her team blend coaching with training to help you create a clear and realistic path to sustainable income and impact. Melinda helps you feel confident as a business owner so you can build a business you love, attract ideal clients and make a lasting impact.

Virginia and Melinda talk about:

  • How Melinda got her start
  • The "Great Resignation" and the surge in the coaching industry
  • How to serve in order to get results for your business
  • Joint Ventures and referrals
  • Melinda's passion for self-care

Take Aways:

  • Your service begins way before you get hired.
  • Trust, honesty and transparency are the currency of a successful coaching practice
  • Change "give" to "serve" if you want to build a sustainable business
  • Share the what and why... never the "how"
  • Your normail is someone else's "ah-ha"
  • Make sure youre people have a great experience and get results
  • Take exquisite care of YOU!

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Melinda would love to meet: Nick Sabin