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Business by Referral Podcast

Sep 14, 2020

About Chris Moore
Chris has spent the past decade helping entrepreneurs grow their
businesses and overcome challenges. Chris helps business owners with financial, marketing, sales, operations, and the systems in their businesses.

In this episode Virginia and Chris discuss:

 How to cultivate relationships that lead to referrals and revenue

 Why people are your best investment
 Stupid marketing tricks everyone should avoid
 Value of learning for increasing your earnings
 Necessity of having a coach and mentor to succeed in business
 And more!

Key Takeaways:
 What you fixate on determines your direction
 Don’t chase other people’s dreams!
 Cultivate your relationships strategically – find your golden geese!
 Solve problems for your referral source 1 st !
 Consistent branding is the key to optimize visibility and trust for your business
How to reach Chris:
Connection Challenge! Let’s connect Chris!
Chris would like to meet… Marcus Lemonis (The Profit)