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Business by Referral Podcast

Aug 22, 2022

About James Hipkins

Over a 40 years career, James worked in marketing and advertising at a high level. Since 2010, he has built his clients’ businesses with digital marketing.

James is an accomplished, forward-thinking marketing professional. His clients included Sprint, Apple, Wells Fargo online bank, Nestlé, and Toyota. They appreciate his practical, no-nonsense approach. He has the scars and many stories to share.

His stories are always valuable and entertaining. His humor and infectious good-natured approach to marketing are fun and practical. But he never loses track of what’s important. Marketing, done well, creates value for customers as well as the business.

In this episode, Virginia and James talk about:

  • The difference between pitching corporate clients vs entrepreneurs
  • 3 things that matter in landing a client 
  • 5 Relationship marketing principles to live by
  • The loyalty effect
  • 6 ways to capture a prospects’ attention on your website in 6 seconds or less


  • Always think Can do, Will do & Right Fit
  • 90% of loyalty problems can be traced to a flawed sales process
  • Never rest on your laurels, ongoing communication is key
  • You don’t have a brand until you’ve developed relationship equity
  • Great customers want to be rewarded
  • Your homepage should CONFIRM the customer journey
  • You must inspire trust

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James would like to meet: Seth Godin