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Business by Referral Podcast

Jul 23, 2018

In this episode, you’ll meet Liz Roney!


Liz Roney is the founder, the vision and the spirit of the Leadership Coaching Group. Her uniquely personalized coaching approach is executed with purpose and passion for fostering individual & team growth. 

Liz comes to her coaching from a foundation of compassion from her own experience as an active member of corporate organizations and remote workforces. She has experienced incredible leadership success and personal fulfillment, but has also encountered harassment, restructures and the frustrations of “working on an island”. She empathizes with the challenges of leading within today’s disparate organizations, and has identified attainable solutions for all team members to excel in this new world of working. Currently she supports several military, government, research, and cosmetics organizations.


Liz does not do canned approaches to leadership development. She knows that people forget the 5 steps to...anything. The Leadership Coaching Group provides real, customized solutions, that are shaped by personal experience – quite frankly, Liz has suffered bad leadership and lived to tell the tale.  Her heart is focused making work a healthier place for employees.


In this episode, Liz and I discuss:

  • Liz’s leadership journey:  from a debilitating, near death stint in corporate America to entrepreneur, helping leaders discover their purpose and their passion
  • What full-circle humanity looks like and how to foster an upward spiral of proactive, positive leadership
  • The challenges of  “junior leadership” and leading from the middle
  • How to be a confident, competent leader


Key Takeaways:


  • Good leaders have confidence in who they are and what they have to offer their team
  • Good leaders have humility! They own their mistakes and model authenticity, vulnerability and transparency
  • They seek input from their team, listen for a variety of perspectives and manage by objectives, allowing their team to achieve outcomes in uniquely personal ways


Good leadership is driven by passion and purpose. – Liz Roney