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Business by Referral Podcast

Sep 10, 2018

About Corey Jahnke 

Corey Jahnke is the CEO and founder/publisher of High Performance Healthcare Magazine. A pharmacist 

by training, Corey discovered early on that building relationships is the BEST way to be successful in business and life! Three decades ago, disillusioned by the status quo, Corey discovered that asking 3 simple questions allowed him to create meaningful connection with his clients and dramatically affect patient outcomes in a positive way. 

A collector of stories and a consummate connector, Corey has been coaching, training, and advising health care professionals since 1990. Corey's goal is to help you and your organization decrease the devastating effects of stress and stress related illness and maximize profits through amazing employee 

and personal engagement and superior client services. Whether you are a stressed out healthcare 

professional wishing you could get back to the essence of why you chose this profession in the first place, 

or you just need to know how to turn your daily grind into a joyful journey, Corey Jahnke is the special 

soul who can show you how! 

In this episode Virginia and Corey discuss: 

 How Corey became a sought after healthcare professional 

 Why Corey believes that attitude is everything and that professionalism is overrated 

 Two important mindsets… and why only one of them will make you successful 

 Several great books and a whole lot more! 

Key Takeaways: 

 If you want to be a ROCKSTAR, hand out with rock stars who make you better 

 Don’t be an asshole – even if you are rich! 

 Throw out your remote control and get a library card! 

 You’ve got to care FIRST about the outcomes people want from their interaction with you… only 

then can you serve them with a sale. 

 Every day you are preparing for your next move… be sure you are intentionally becoming more 

valuable and you’ll be sought after in the storm. 

 Don’t refuse the refund today and ruin the relationship forever. 

How to reach Corey: 

You can find High Performance Healthcare Magazine at 

To get a FREE copy of Corey’s book: The Successful Thinker, email Corey!