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Business by Referral Podcast

Sep 24, 2018

About James Ranson

 James Ranson, The Master WordsmithTM, is a Wall-Street-Journal-bestselling editor, ghostwriter and book coach who has helped over 200 consultants, coaches, speakers and other thought leaders create high-quality books. Clients of his have gone on to sell thousands of books, receive book deals from publishing houses, and be featured in regional and national media outlets. In addition to his own clients, James is a writer and book doctor for Thanet House Publishing, and is on recommended professional lists for Scribe Media (formerly Book in a Box), My Word Publishing, BrightFlame Books and Authors Unite. His second book, Don’t Write A Crappy Book!, will be published on October 1, 2018. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, James lives in Atlanta, GA, with his fiancée and a very needy cat.

In this episode Virginia and James discuss:

  • Why you should write a book to establish authority and grow your business
  • How to aggregate your content to start writing your book the RIGHT way!
  • How to write a REALLY crappy book
  • Why having professional support is essential to writing a book that creates revenue for your business…

Key Takeaways:

  • Being on the Amazon Best Sellers list is over-rated.  It’s far better to write a QUALITY book
  • Don’t be in a hurry to get the book written – shortcuts will ultimately short-circuit your success
  • Before you write, know WHO you are writing for and WHAT they want to know
  • Don’t write a book to make money from selling the book, write a book to position yourself as an expert
  • Just because you are amazing at running your business doesn’t mean you’ll be equally great at writing about it!
  • Know your PURPOSE for writing your book – what do you expect it to do for your business?

How to reach James:

 Thinking about writing a book?  Have a book in process? Want to revise and polish an existing manuscript?  Reach out to James at: