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Business by Referral Podcast

Oct 1, 2018

Scot Hunsaker, born in St. Louis in 1963, learned early on the value of not only

working hard, but working smart. His father was a very successful entrepreneur who

worked seven days a week, twelve hours a day. “I had my own credit card and car at 16,”

Scot says, “Not because I was a spoiled kid but because I was buying things and helping

to run his companies.”


He attended Indiana University and credits that experience with teaching him how to

manage a process and get to the finish line. After getting his degree in business he

returned to the St. Louis area and worked for Mark Twain Bank for five years. “I learned

a lot about what I wanted to do during that time,” says Scot. “In a bank, you are exposed

to every kind of business and you wind up calling on companies of all shapes and sizes,

seeing their issues, etc.” He would eventually go back to work into one of his dad’s

businesses, and brought much of what he had gleaned in banking to his new role. “If I

have a gift, it’s the ability to take a process that works and re-interpret and re-deploy it to

make it current,” he says. He would buy that business, grow it significantly, and then

transfer ownership to his employees.


His current venture, Ardent, is built to help other business owners like himself figure out

how to do what he did- seamlessly transfer ownership of their companies someday to

their employees. Like many great business ideas, it was born out of his own experience

and from conversations with other entrepreneurs who needed guidance and

encouragement to help facilitate the process.


In this episode Virginia and Scot discuss:


  • The importance of creating a culture of shared ownership when scaling your business
  • How business owners can create a plan for engaging employees across ALL aspects of your business
  • Best practices for becoming an exceptional leader of your team



Key Takeaways:

  • Employees can solve their issues on their on when the leader engages in authentic conversation
  • The less we do as leaders, the more we empower the team to develop an ownership mindset
  • Each small win builds capacity for more difficult challenges
  • For some, money may equal success, but most business owners dream of leaving a legacy
  • Knowledge transfer is CRITICAL to your business legacy
  • Don’t confuse the URGENT with the IMPORTANT


How to reach Scot: