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Business by Referral Podcast

Feb 29, 2020

Dianne Collins is a native to St. Louis, however she does not sit still very long. She is a professional trained Chef and ran Mama Campisi's Restaurant on the Hill in the early 2000's, then she to headed to Fort Lauderdale Florida and a Master Scuba Diving Instructor. Gear in tow she then headed across the ocean to Guam. Dianne lived in Guam for 7 1/2 years and was the Marketing Director for the largest scuba diving shop in the western hemisphere, created a kids scuba camp and was also the host of Diver Below a local travel show in Guam. She has just returned to St. Louis just 4 short years ago and now is the Co Publisher of 2 Real Producers publications, doing what she does best promoting the Partners that advertise and building relationships with Realtors in the St. Louis and Illinois Metro East areas.

Virginia and Dianne Discuss: 

Starting a network from scratch

How to pick the right networks

Be a host, not a guest.

The importance of asking great questions to create connection. 

How to turn your client into partners in your business.

The important of self-care for entrepreneurial success.

The 12 week year. 

How to live your life by design. 


Take Aways: 

Be open to adventure and fun.

Know yourself and get comfortable in your own skin.

Make yourself useful! 

Invite people to go with you.

Answer questions with details.

Invest time and expertise in your people

You are the most valuable asset in your business.

Read to fuel your passions and solve your problems. 

Embrace change. 

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