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Business by Referral Podcast

Sep 21, 2020

About Chris Croy
Chris is a serial entrepreneur and homeschooling dad who believes family
is the strongest way to build in the marketplace. Build at home - then build your
brand and serve others.
In this episode Virginia and Chris discuss:
 Visual connection.
 The importance of focusing measurable results as you build your
 The importance of “visual vocabulary” in the digital space.
 How to use video to engage followers and build an audience.
 And more!
Key Takeaways:
 When the world changed, those who SHIFT win!
 Do you know the hidden gems in your friends?
 If you aren’t using video, you’re leaving $ on the table.
 Pro Tip: Horizontal video is more visually impactful than vertical.
 Be genuine and speak from the heart.
 Be okay with ordinary success.

How to reach Chris:

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