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Business by Referral Podcast

Jun 29, 2020

About James Lam:
James has 15+ years of “in the trenches” marketing experience. He is happy to have worked together with businesses from dozens of industries, and hundreds of people over that time. James meets you where you are (with no judgment), and specializes in coming up with a concrete plan to move your business forward. Most importantly, James teaches you to believe in your business & Yourself. James teaches his clients not just the step-by-step “how-to”, but he also
teaches his clients how to think about marketing strategically. This puts the power back into your own hands. James has been featured in both The Globe & Mail and also the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

In this episode Virginia and James discuss:
- The importance of knowing your personal brand.
- How to create the right relationships.
- How to make your marketing work every time.
- The value of getting ahead of the day.
- Two-stage ads.
- The 3 most powerful words in the English language.
- And more!
Key Takeaways:
- You can’t ever work your way out of a mess
- Believe in your own super power.
- Just because it’s complicated doesn’t mean it’s good.
- At the end of the day, EVERYONE want to support small business.
- If they gave you their eyeballs, take them on a journey.
- Just be you!

How to reach James:
Email James:
Facebook: Look Ahead Marketing

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