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Business by Referral Podcast

Jul 6, 2020

About Michelle Kopper
Transformational Message Mentor, Michelle Kopper, is a leading voice and visibility expert who helps coaches, creatives, healers, speakers, and other established and emerging leaders find their voice, amplify their message and expand their powerful presence to grow their reach, impact and income as they give voice to their vision: online, onstage and on-video.
Michelle’s unique approach to visibility – online and off -- helps you find your words, activate your confident presence and turn your vulnerability around being seen and heard into your greatest marketing asset so that your message inspires and moves your audience to engage and hire you.

In this episode Virginia and Michelle discuss:
- The importance of video for your visibility and connection.
- Overcoming your fear of being seen.
- The role physiology plays in our success.
- The power of putting yourself out there.
- And more!

Key Takeaways:
- The more daring you are standing for your message, the more authentic you are.
- People are inspired and uplifted by your vulnerability.
- Be more YOU!
- Show your B-reel.
- Video is a primary path to connectedness.
- The resonance of your voice carries your presence.
- Your message matters!

How to reach Michelle:
Take the Powerful Presence Quiz at
Facebook Challenge: Visibility Power-Up Challenge
Connection Challenge! Let’s connect Michelle!
Michelle would like to meet Brené Brown, Oprah.