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Business by Referral Podcast

Aug 31, 2020

About Petra Contrada: 

Petra Contrada is the founder of Thrive and Win in life and business. She is an internationally renowned speaker, spiritual Entrepreneur and is known as “The Queen of Change”. Petra inspires audiences on stages around the globe, live and online. Today, female entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners hire Petra to be the change because most overthink, under feel, and are forever missing key opportunities in life and business. She is a guide for those who are ready to BE THE CHANGE to thrive and win. Change is her passion and her mission is to inspire a million women to live their true life and fulfillment, and to be the change to make this happen.

In this episode Virginia and Petra discuss:

  • Why people avoid change
  • How to implement change
  • Embracing change in times of crisis
  • The robot, the monkey, and the sage
  • Why willpower won't work!

Key Take-Aways

  • Teach what you need to learn
  • Embrace change and challenge
  • Self-love is the hidden foundation to success
  • Do what you are passionate about!
  • If it isn't in your calendar, don't allow it to exist


How to reach Petra Contrada: