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Business by Referral Podcast

Aug 1, 2022

Meet Christine Smith

Christine is not your average gal. A divorced mom of one, Christine has an engineered, artistic mind with a bartender’s personality. She has made her way through pre-dominantly male industries to build a business tailored to those with a genuine givers mindset. Her experience has aided in her development of a process to educate others on how to build their networks intentionally. Christine has built her business through active community building and strives for others to be able to replicate, so that perhaps one day networking won’t always feel like a dirty word.

In this episode Christine and Virginia Talk About:

  • The #1 mindset mistake people make when networking
  • How to make networking effective once and for all
  • The power of a whiplash statement
  • Great questions to ask and important things to listen for
  • How Christine leverages “response-time” trauma from her car sales days


  • Don’t be “that guy/gal”
  • Ditch the pitch – you are NOT a walking infomercial
  • Have human connection conversations

Encourage others to talk about themselves

  • What are you doing to help others
  • If you want your network to produce more work, be an educator and a resource


Connect with Christine here: 

Christine would love to meet: Elon Musk