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Business by Referral Podcast

Jul 30, 2018

About Tom Nardone:

Tom Nardone has bought and sold more than 250 houses and, in the last 5 years, has taught over 600 people his simple secrets to attaining financial freedom.  Tom started working for the Post Office as a mailman back in the 80’s and it didn’t take him long to realize that the security entrapment of a "good job" is not a lot different from a 30 year jail sentence. “You feel trapped, and your income is limited.” Tom started buying houses on his mail routes and After 25 years of buying and holding and buying and selling, Tom has bought and sold over 250 properties. He has co-authored the book Secrets of the Real Estate Millionaires and has created and written courses for several real estate information products and has been twice featured on television with two appearances on Good Morning America with Charles Gibson and Joan London and also CNBC’s Power Lunch with Bill Griffith as well as radio appearances on The Cash Flow Show and Real Estate related Podcasts. If you would like to break free from the grind of a Job or business, regardless if they are a Blue Collar worker or a Doctor, Real Estate can give you “Income For Life” and a Lifestyle with cash flow when you get to your “Freedom Number:” the monthly income you need to meet your expenses and support your lifestyle so you can break free from an occupation that binds you.


In this episode Virginia and Tom discuss:


  • How leveraging your current lifestyle may ultimately be your key to freedom!  Opportunity is all around you if you keep your eyes open!
  • How to capitalize on a crisis and become a solution “super-hero” who designs win-win scenarios for others so you can win for yourself!
  • Three ways to use real estate investment to create cashflow and wealth



Key Takeaways:

  • Set a long-term goal and commit to meeting smaller milestones along the way.  We tend to overestimate what we can accomplish in a year and UNDERestimate what we can do in 10 with a little consistency!
  • Don’t be a seminar junkie.  Implement what you learn, then REWARD yourself with another opportunity to learn.
  • Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is walk away from the deal when the win/win just isn’t there.
  • Profit is the entrepreneur’s paycheck!


How to reach Tom:


  • TEXT the word mailman to 31996 to receive Tom’s FREE ebook on how to do your first deal in 90 days!