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Business by Referral Podcast

Nov 5, 2018

About Travis Chappell

Travis Chappell is a direct sales expert, successful entrepreneur, real estate investor, and superconnector. He is the creator and host of Build Your Network, a podcast dedicated to helping professionals cultivate genuine relationships, grow their inner circle, and leverage a powerful network the right way.


In this episode Virginia and Travis discuss:

  • The importance of transitioning from PUSH marketing to PULL marketing
  • The value of creating relationship and partnerships in selling
  • The essential elements of developing an “emotional intelligence” program
  • Thinking it through:  Who can I reach and with what activity?


Key Takeaways:

  • Keep a running list of people you want to connect with
  • The 40/40/40 Rule
  • Give without expectation of receiving
  • Give FIRST:  add value, volunteer, invest in others


How to reach Guest:

Facebook: @traviscchappell

Instagram: @travischappell